Handsome Boy Modeling School

Here's a cool downtempo mix of songs, supposedly by DJ Bram, though I can't find any info on him. It's full title when I downloaded it was:
DJ Bram - Members Only - DownTempo number 1(including handsome boy modeling school moby terranova dj shadow dj krush groove armada massive attack chicane.mp3
Um ok.

Here is the mp3

This song is over 19 MB in size. I had to cut two minutes off this song because the file sharing service has a size limit. What I cut off was the ending which just sorta fades out.

The mix is obviously made up of three songs which I've identified as The Truth by Moloko and apparently sung by Roisin, Plastic Stress by Terranova, and Whispering Wind by Moby. I don't know if any of those other people have anything to do with it or not.

I found this song while searching for songs by Handsome Boy Modeling School. I was searching for them because anything paying homage to the Chris Elliot Get A Life series has to be good. Unfortunately it's mostly rap, which I personally don't like, but this song is cool.

Get A Life was a TV series starring Chris Elliot that was aired in 1990-91. It only lasted two seasons but some people like me own the DVD because we're Get A Life cultists and consider it's particular brand of low brow humor to be quite classic.

Chris played a man in his middle 30s who was a paperboy who still lived with his parents. Chris has the body of, well, a middle aged man who still lives with his parents, but in the second episode of the first season (The Prettiest Week Of My Life) he decided to become a male model after reading an ad for Handsome Boy Modeling School in the newspaper.

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