the new look

Yep, the ole blog's had a makeover. A little tummy tuck, a collagen injection, botox, some saline implants, and a new wardrobe. Clairol came in and washed that grey right out of our hair. Oil of Olay smoothed out the wrinkles, Halliburton completed the $1,000,000,000 blog reconstruction project and the queer eye for the straight blog guys came in and made everything fabulous. Oh, and we got some boom! tough actin' Tinactin to get rid of the athlete's blogfoot.

The old look was getting kind of old and since I'm too lazy to learn how to write stylesheets, XML, or whatever they call this stuff, I set about the difficult task of perusing the two dozen available prefabricated templates and, after a lot of hard work and agonizing research that lasted all of three minutes said "that one looks allright", hit 'select', and little blog gnomes churned out the new, refitted, svelter, willowy, sylphlike beauty that you are beholding right now. You are beholding it, right?

Probably the biggest functional change is that I got rid of the comment options. A lot of bloggers get all depressed and whiny when people don't leave comments about how much they like the site. Not me. I never got that many and I was thankful because I always feel like I have to respond. Then they respond back and I have to respond to that and before you know it we've spent three days yakking back and forth because neither is sure how to end the 'conversation'. Plus a lot of blogs are getting hit by comment spam and I don't want to rush to have to fix that if/when it happens so I just put the kibosh on them altogether. I still welcome comments through email, and will post them if desired/applicable.

One other change is forthcoming. I'm going to go update the links section over there on your right, no your other right ---> and undoubtedly some will be deleted and some added as well. So peruse it and hunt out the sick and weak before I cull the herd.

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