Things I will never understand

I will never understad why some journalists got in trouble with the justice department for the Valerie Plame leak while Robert Novak is getting off scot free. Novak was first to report her name and he said in print that the name was given to him by two senior white house officials. The other reporters supposedly also happened to know her identity, but they never said anything about it or how they knew or anything. Why would anyone focus the investigation on people who just happened to be in the know rather than the person responsible for breaking the story and who has already admitted that he knows who committed the leak?

Nor will I ever understand why the American taxpayers are paying a $20 million utility bill for the Palestinians. Ironically, it is to go directly to Israeli utility companies, so we're more or less footing two welfare bills at once. Where in the Constitution does it say that our money can pay for foreigners' utility bills and where does it say the president has the authority to directly give a penny of our money to anyone?

I will also never understand how Chicago won an Oscar in 2002, but that's kinda unrelated.

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