Date: Judgement Day +0

(Apolagies for the half-assed post earlier in which I didn't explain this very well. As you may or may be aware that I have perfected the science of time travel in my basement and thus I have been asked to bring information of a valuable sort from the future to our present day. This is a radio transcript from John Connor --of Terminator fame-- recorded on Judgement Day. Only his side of the conversation was recorded. There may be more transcripts coming, as the people of the future wanted this information posted on the internet so it will be handy when Judgement Day does happen.)


Hello, this is John Connor from Crystal Peak.

Roger I hear you.

No we're not under attack exactly. It's these machines, they're from a top secret military project. They built these things to fight battles, but the network they run on has become self aware and they're...

Yeah this network is what's attacking us. See they're going to launch our own nuclear weapons at Russia and the Russians are going to attack us back. It's Judgement Day. We have to stop this from happening.

That's affirmative.

Oh you're in touch with the military?

Ok good, see if they can go up the chain of command to the president, we have to stop him from launching nuclear weapons.

You have them on the line right now?


---5 minutes pass---

No, they're machines. You know, like robots. But their brains are in sort of an internet that is also infecting all of our networks and that's how they're going to.. ---unintelligible--- Judgement Day

He what?

No, not the Rapture. Judgement Day ---unintelligible--- robots launch these nukes.

Please repeat, over.

The president doesn't believe they're a threat? He has to mobilize the military and lock down our nukes immediately!

On the election trail?

For crying out loud he has to do something!

More worried about democrats that robots?

Roger that, but we gotta do something! For cryin' out loud tell him... tell him... I don't know... tell him the robots are democrats or something!

---3 minutes later---

He just ordered the launch of our full nuclear arsenal? ---unintelligible--- oh, shit... ---unintelligible---

Can you hear me?

Come in Montana Civil Defense... can you hear me?




Paula Frazer - Gone.mp3

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How did this twit become president?

"We've got an issue in America. Too many good docs are getting out of business. Too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country."
~ Bush in Poplar Bluff Mo, yesterday
It's one thing to misspeak at times, even often. I was not born with the gift of gab and I tend to say stupid things at times myself, but I know when I foul up because I listen and hear it and understand it when I do. The news stories report that he simply kept going as if nothing happened. If this fool just blabs on and on, reading the teleprompter without even listening to his own words, why does half the country listen to him?


Sad and Lonely

Today's sad song is Sad And Lonely, by Daughter Darling.
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Daughter Darling - Sad And Lonely.mp3

Did they tell you I'd be boring?
Do you know where to order the next morning?
There is no guarantee
That when you wake up, you'll be able to breath

So Ill throw you moonbeams
Ill make you kick and scream
Oh then baby Ill make you smile
Then Ill make you bleed

Sad and lonely

Don't you look so sad
You know it cant be that bad
Just consider it to be
Another way you'll see me

Did you forget your place of ambition?
I've seemed to move you from your only position
You're so afraid of my reality cause it burns your eyes
Makes you sad and lonely



Yes, I'm still alive. I'd love to say I haven't been blogging because I've been engaged in some sort of exceitment, but to tell the truth I just haven't felt like it. Work isn't going so well for me right now and it was nice to just vegetate all weekend and not think about it. Now that it's only a few hours away I guess I'm here blogging to get my mind off things. I actually wrote a couple of posts on the subject but I didn't want this place to start looking like the livejournal of some confused teenager so I didn't post them.

But lookie! I do have something to contribute to all you good ole folks out there on tha interweb.

Say you have a directory filled with directories that are filled with files of some sort. This script will move them all to wherever you want and rename them to the name of the directory they came from plus a sequential number. In my case I had a directory for digital camera photos called "pics" and inside were directories such as "August19" and "July9" and inside those were files named dscf0001.jpg and dscf0001.jpg ... etc. I couldn't just go into every directory and move them because all the directories had files of the same name. I had to rename them all first.

If I cd into "pics" and run this script it moves all the images to one directory and renames them August19-1.jpg August19-2.jpg August19-3.jpg July9-1.jpg July9-2.jpg July9-3.jpg ... etc.

When you run it, it asks for the file type and the location to move them to, which it will create if you want.


echo "File type?"
read files
echo "Location to move them to?"
read location
echo "type c to create that directory or enter to continue"
read -n 1 -s YorN
if [ "$YorN" = "c" ]; then
mkdir $location
else echo

for i in `ls -F | grep \/ | perl -pi -e "s/\///g"`
# echo dir $i >> $0
cd $i

NAME=`basename $PWD2`

for i in `ls *.$files`
mv $i "$NAME"-"$COUNT".$files
COUNT=`expr $COUNT + 1`


mv *.$files $location


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