He knows

Yay for the president! For all you people who picture the president as being a few pixels shy of a gif, this video clip should prove once and for all that he actually is capable of retaining knowledge.

I know that!

presidential debate audio...?

Audio of the presidential debate is supposedly available for free at audible.com. Since I use Linux I am not in the crowd that audible deems worthy of catering to and so I can't download it because I can't run their proprietary software.

That sucks. Since they have kindly made the mp3 freely available they should just give a normal link to it instead of making you download their software which, from what I can tell, simply downloads the mp3 as a TiVo file then converts it.

So anyway, anyone who can get me an mp3 of the debate in entitled to one (1) special thanks from either myself or a reasonable facsimile of said self. If it is under 19 or so megabytes I will host it for a while.

CSPAN also has video of the debate, but again, since I use Linux I am hampered by the prejudices of people who only cater to the Micro$oft monopoly and can only watch it with the demonic Realplayer (still buffering...) without saving or editing it. I gotta write my congressman, I should get some money out of this.

(actually mplayer would rip the rtsp stream if I had the time to recompile it with the live.com library, but I don't so I'm forced to whine on the internet for being victimized by technical bigotry)

Well, there went Mt St Helens

and apparently the eruption has unleashed giant mutant flies! Oh God, run for your lives!
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(this is not the real cam, this is only a snapshot)


Cognitive Dissonance Will Win This Election

It has not only permeated our society as a whole but it's now being sold as a political platform. Ah the idealogy of the future...

You gotta love Bush, he struggles and strains to form a coherent sentence and manages not only to be off topic and barely understandable but he also comes off as a condescending jerk to boot. I guarantee that neoconservatives will be talking about how plain spoken and respectful he sounded tomorrow. It's ok if you like the guy but that's like saying you like playboy for the articles, it just ain't so.

"Let me just say something. Of course I know Osama Bin Laden attacked us! I know that!"

Gawd, what a twit.

I think what bugs me the most about Bush is those hard s's. Life is precioussss. Pressssident'ssss are ssssuperb. It's like that operator on Office Space, I just can't stand it anymore, that rasssssping echo in my head.

Kerry is mopping the floor with him, especially with that JFK-De Gaulle analogy and Bush's "Too many big words. I don't understand so I'll get wayyyyyy off topic" response, but I think enough people respond to Bush's hollow buzzwords and monontonously repeated one liners that it won't make much difference.

And thankfully, perhaps, for as much as I like to watch Bush make a fool of himself I still don't like Kerry. Of course, most of my dislike for him is for the fact that he's one of those big government liberals, but Bush has been the most out of control big government liberal we've seen this century so what does it really matter?

Do we want an intelligent, educated and well spoken big government liberal or do we want a dumb one? I think it would be best for the country if Kerry wins because a republican controlled congress working with a republican white house is only good at spending us into debt with worthless government programs. If we don't gridlock those sons of bitches we're all done for. Terrorists can be dealt with but the overall topology of government cannot. As a conservative/libertarian I don't want an expanding liberal nanny-state government and the liberal candidate seems the safer bet in this area. What a surreal country we live in.

I predicted six months ago that we'd see Kerry in November and civil war in December. When I said it, I had been remiss to notice that this coincided with the new fall season, and thus everyone will be too busy watching TV to take the country back. America, a victim of her own success. They say people get the government they deserve, but what have we ever done to deserve either of these twits. Was it Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Was it the slaughter of the Indians? What was it?

Mt Saint Helens cam

Updated every five minutes

Heard on XM radio

during the National Lampoon's news break (I'm paraphrasing from memory):

Democrats have been predicting a Kerry win in November by comparing him to Seabiscuit. But people have to remember that in a presidential race, looks aren't everything.

the usual bad news

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A string of bombs killed 35 children and wounded scores of others as U.S. troops handed out candy Thursday at a government-sponsored celebration to inaugurate a sewage plant.
This is obviously a terrible thing, 35 children killed for no reason (not that having a reason would have made it ok).

But I must note... the inauguration of a sewage plant? You can't tell me the Iraqis are in charge because there's only one government in the world with so little shame that it would dare put on such a show, and it is that of the United States, which celebrates just such an inauguration every four years of it's own, only for something which spews even more garbage than a sewage plant and has less real value to society.


I'm beginning to feel that some people just don't understand the world. This links to an anonymous post full of some of the most vile and ignorant bloodlust I've seen in, oh, a couple of days at least. The author just can't seem to wait to see some a-rabs get killed.
One day soon, our planes and missiles will begin turning your mosques, your madrasses, your hotels, your government offices, your hideouts, and your
neighborhoods into rubble.

And then our soldiers will enter your cities and begin the work of killing you, roaches, as you crawl from the debris.

As cowards, you will have your hands in the air and you will get on your knees begging for mercy. And we will instead give you justice. Your actions and your
words long ago placed you far from any considerations of mercy. You are not men.
We will burn your mosques.

We will invade the offices of pro-arab-muslim organizations, destroy them, and drag their officers outside.
We will transport arab-muslims to our deserts, where they can pray to scorpions under the blazing sun.
We will rid the world of your foul breath.
This is a problem so many Americans seem to have. Personally I feel that way about terrorists but I'm a lot cooler about it. Perhaps I don't have that much hate for them, I see it more as some business we have to attend to. It's dirty and bloody but there's no use getting all excited about it. It's enough for me to see the bastards just get slotted and forget them, I don't have the stomach for torture and don't feel it's appropriate.

The problem with so many people is that they feel too much hate over it, and it's almost always misdirected towards whoever doesn't seem to be as filled with hate as they are. Muslims, French, Germans or liberals, people hate them all because they think they're on the side of the terrorists when in fact their only sin is that they haven't fallen down the wrong side of the razor and allowed themselves to be ruled by that hate. And folks, I'll tell ya now, that ain't no sin.

A lot of front line soldiers are taught to hate the enemy in order to make it easier for them to kill. The problem is that they start thinking in rascist ways until one day they just get pissed off and shoot up a woman and her kids. Oh well, they say, they were just ragheads, who cares?

Now that attitude has seeped into society as a whole because people are scared and just don't know how to handle it.

Hey, terrorists are the enemy folks. They need killing. Focus on that and be cool about it or else you're going to fuck up like we're doing with Iraq. Talk of genocide and cold blooded mass murder are detrimental to our fight against terror and treasonous to everything you claim to be standing for. In no way shape or form are neighborhoods and hotels targets in the war against terror. If you can't be cool, move your ass to France or something and let the adults handle it, ok? Take some military science classes and get your shit in order and maybe we'll let you play, but until then get your whiny ass out of the way before you fuck something up and get people killed.

But back to the post that started my rant. The post itself is only half of the insanity. If you read down the thread at that site a person named Martin Kozloff takes credit for writing it after a lot of people gave a positive response.
"It's more than nice to know that my feelings are shared by so many other folks--most of whom have served their nation longer and better than I."
He goes on to tell that he wrote it because he feels alone and goes into a burning rage every time someone tries to "discredit our nation and weaken our morale" (yeah, that's the government's job)
"Even my dear wife has begun to suspect that 'Martin may be obsessing about this war and about combat.' Why, she actually insists that I NOT have a loaded .45 at the dinner table! [So, I just carry it concealed.]"
Well, I guess you can say one thing about him; he's prepared. There will be no terrorist acts in his kitchen, no doubt.

Later on, after being attacked by the dastardly liberals and defending it for a while, he finally backed off, saying that he posted the "faked position" in order to bring about discussion on how Americans are changing. It was all a parody for discussions sake, we are to believe.

It's good to know we have patriots like him who will gladly stand up and 'defend freedom' (though to defend freedom he would have to take up arms against our government), though I do question his worth in battle if he backs down so easily over a post on the internet about it.


Cash American Pawn

From the website of Alina Simone comes Cash American Pawn.mp3

Used to see you kicking around town
out behind the Cash America Pawn
with a can of coke and a pack of Pall Malls
sitting out by the pay phones, watching it get dark

Knew about you from a friend I used to waitress with
you'd go to the park and drink and mess around
make a fire, down by Dougnut Pond
she'd tell me all about it as she filled the salt

Touchdown on shining green lawns
under church spires, so chapel white
but you see it all go down
behind the Cash America Pawn

I was broken down on the access road
didn't think you would stop but then you did
your truck felt warm, your jacket smelled like cigarettes
we didn't talk about the trouble you'd been in...

All those touchdowns, on shining green lawns
under church spires, so chapel white
but you see it all go down
out behind the Cash America Pawn
(America, American, so all American)

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just another day at the range

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Oh boy, time for presidential debates

"Debate" is an extreme stretch of the word. These are little more than infomercials put on by the two parties and sponsered by lobbyists in front of a preselected cross section of party supporters in which it has been deemed illegal to ask any serious questions and in which all 'extended discussions' are limited to 30 seconds.

What a farce our government has become. Our founding fathers would spit on these two twits, then hang them for treason.

Please don't vote in this election, it only encourages them.


Iraq survival guide

A wonderfully funny post at BoingBoing about pamplets being given to soldiers and civilians in Iraq to help deal with the locals. You take this guide and point at pictures for what you want an Iraqi to do. Some of them make sense enough, but some of the are a bit surreal...

Just imagine some strange foreign soldier stepping out of the shadows pointing at what appears to be some sort of demented cartoon porn and telling you to bend over in front of them, strip and get some tongue action going or he'll scalp you.

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Today's Housebroken comic fairly accurately shows what passes for political discourse during this election cycle.

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Ella Blame album is out

You may remember when I blogged about the group Ella Blame. Well, their first album is now out and available at CD Baby

Today in politics

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John Kerry and his running mate Count Dooku shot "The Force" at Republican Jedi operatives on the campaign trail,

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
while Bush and his good twin brother pointed in surprise at "one of them shiny metal bird things."

this sounds like a good deal

Oh man I love email. Cheap viagra, breast enlargement, and all the 全球全部目标语言 you can handle! It is technological advances like Japanese bibcock advertisements written in Chinese and targeted at Americans that keep humanity one step ahead of the monkey.

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I was keeping track of them for a while, but I lost the big list I had during my recent system crash. These are the blogs that have randomly sent people here recently.


Why Kerry must not be allowed to win

While we can rest assured that a Bush win in November will result in four of the dumbest years the White House has ever witnessed, with deficits, demagogery, fearmongering, liberal spending and government expansion and extremely liberal militaristic intervention (read draft, perpetual wars, and multiple quagmires) there is still one insurmountable problem with a Kerry victory. Namely, his close ties to very powerful industry insiders. He is literally in bed with one.

I am speaking, of course, of his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry, one of the people behind the curtain of the powerful international ketchup cabal.

This nation is in grave danger having such powerful industry insiders with such a direct line to the president. I can well imagine that after the election we will see the industry crumble under scandal after scandal, with hundreds of billions of dollars lost in what really amounts to competiting ketchup rackets being forced out of business. Once it skyrockets to over $2 a bottle, Kerry will be pushing for ketchup drilling in the ANWAR to ease our dependance on foreign tomatos.

If congress stops him, he will invoke the war against terror (T.W.A.T.) to once again invade some pissant country in the middle east to gain control over their vast ketchup reserves where we will become bogged down for God knows how long in a war that has nothing to do with T.W.A.T.

Our national foreign policy can ill afford to be hijacked by these insidious ketchup people. However, voting for Bush is not a very good alternative as he seems to not only be persuing a surreal byzantine foreign policy of his own but is trying to bankrupt us and turn us into an Orwellian surveillance society in the process. And no matter who is elected it is inevitable that these powerful special interests, with their billions of dollars in bribe money will end up running our government. But what can we as a society hope to do to ensure this from hapening? I'm afraid that unless we start working toward a viable alternative to our ketchup dependancy we can never hope to achieve peace.

Sorry for the light blogging

Errr, not like this is the most popular site in the world (what can I say, people have bad taste) but I know I've been missed by like maybe one or two people at least. Maybe one and a half.

To make it up to you, let me point you to two songs that were blogged by SixEyes not very long ago.

Shivaree - All Because You Told Me So.mp3

Shivaree - Goodnight Moon.mp3

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