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Awww, man...

Not only did Bush win, but republicans won seats in the Senate as well. Just a couple of years ago this would have thrilled me because it probably would have meant a balanced budget, less obtrusive government, a strong military not bogged down by crazy missions, and a nice status quo in general all around. I was always a republican up until they started showing their true colors.

But this ain't your father's republican party. Now it means record deficits, a police state, record government spending and expansion, a military stretched to the breaking point over stupid uptopian missions, and what I assume will be four years of social upheaval due to the fact the republicans will have the power to load the Supreme Court and will try to ban gay marriage, amend the Constitution, overturn Roe vs Wade, and God knows what else that isn't the government's business.

I wasn't looking forward to Kerry winning, and I didn't vote for president because there was no doubt TN was going to go to Bush anyway, but Bush scares the shit out of me. I didn't like Kerry because of some views that I personally believe in but he would have been a lot better for the country so I set aside my own views and rooted for him for that reason.

Ideally, I would have liked to see either a Bush White House with a democratic Congress or a Kerry White House with a republican Congress because I don't trust any of them having that much power. Now the republicans control everything and, mark my words, for the next four years we're going to see things we never would have dreamed conservatives would do. We've given them a blank check and I guarantee they'll abuse it to an extent you can't imagine.


The view of the elections from Flatland

I just flipped on the boob tube to see if we had crowned an Emperor yet and it looked like Kerry lost big time. Ah, but read the fine print, they're giving results with as little as 6% of the votes counted.


This is speculation. You look like an educated person, you aren't watching TV are you? If you are, you aren't biting your nails or even paying attention I hope. Have you ever read Edwin A. Abbott's Flatland? What we're seeing is nothing more than the segment of a 3D sphere filtered through our premature 2D view of the election.

So have some milk and cookies, go to bed and wake up tomorrow and maybe Santa will have visited during the night. We'll keep the gunfire down.

I was supposed to do something today...

...can't remember what it was... Oh yeah, can't believe I forgot to stock up on ammo for tomorrow's civil war. Oh well.

The Daily Show has a pretty cool election blog going. Where else ya gonna find a media outlet leaking the dastardly liberal agenda?



Kinda quiet this election eve. Well, except for Drudge which reports:

The high priests of polling ordained that George Bush and John Kerry should both hold final rallies next to each other under the cliffs of downtown Milwaukee yesterday – Hector and Achilles finally meeting beneath the walls of Troy..."
I have no clue what this means or how it relates to US politicians. For that matter I'm fairly foggy on the link between slave gladiators in the Roman arena and the spoiled, reluctant but significantly enraged homosexual Achilles battling his nemisis Hector, the stalwart and sturdy defending hero of Troy, though I wouldn't mind seeing one of the candidates dragging the other around by the heels for 12 days behind a chariot or a limo.

On further inspection it's a link to a story which really puts the immense historical significance of it all in context. Apparently it wasn't really an event of earthshaking proportions, for Bon Jovi and The Oak Ridge Boys were present, and the gods would not allow such sacrelige were this to be something for the history books of the empire.

This little bruhaha, it seems, was the "eccentric climax to the bitter 2004 campaign." Well, eccentric, in an Oak Ridge Boys sort of way, and climactic in premature sort of way that would send Freud into a cocaine and morphine bender that would last until the next election.

Other than this little article of warped grandiosity, all seems rather quiet on the election front. I'd expected to see epic last minute revelations of the candidates seedy past, a dirty attack on Kerry's wife or the announcement from the Kerry campaign that Bush has chiggers, but it seems that we'll make it the last few hours with a few turds left unflung.

I attribute this eerie silence to the fact that people are probably busy loading their guns for the civil war which will probably start, oh... sometime wednesday. I, having no musket, have elected to ramain on the sidelines detached from the melee, opting to watch the carnage from a comfortable vantage point, and judging the whole affair the only way a man really can; on marksmanship.

The man behind the curtain

electoral-vote.com has been compiling polls from across the country and predicting the electoral vote for several months and up until now no one knew who ran the site. Well, it turns out that the man behind the site is none other than Andrew Tanenbaum, the guy who created MINIX, the precursor to Linus Torvalds' Linux, the best operating system in the entire world. As legend has it, Tanenbaum is actually responsible for Linux because Linus went mad trying to use MINIX. It was on comp.os.minix where Linus introduced Linux to the world.


Looks like Kerry will win

The Redskins lost today. Since the team was formed in 1935 their pre-election games have predicted every presidential election accurately. A win means the incumbent wins, a loss means the challenger wins.

William Gibson on on the Osama Bin Laden tape

William Gibson has a couple posts on the OBL tape. One where he theorizes on the meaning of it all, and one where he rethinks his conclusions.

Personally, it seems to me that the tape was an effort to reach out and clarify the madness. I almost said "stop the madness" but I'm not so sure of that. But I got the impression that even Bin Laden is worried about the way things are headed. Not afraid that his plans are going to be stopped, but afraid that there is simply too much chaos following US actions abroad and this tape was a message to reach out and say hey, just so you know, this is why things are the way they are and you're making it so much worse every day that even I'm shocked.

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