Always on the run

There are a lot of websites out there that are good little informational pages but there are few that are vast resources. AlwaysOnTheRun.net is the latter.

I've plugged this site before because it seems like every time I hear a cool new artist, alwaysontherun is the only place with the lyrics. It's as if they just know who I am going to like and get the lyrics on there just before I discover them so they're the only place that has the words to the new songs I'm looking for.

Their taste seems to overlap mine so much that in the past I've tried to browse the site and find new artists that I may be interested in but, unless I was just doing something horribly wrong, they had a terrible format that more or less consisted of nothing more than a message board and I couldn't find much of anything.

Now it seems they've revamped the site. The front page has a big list of all their lyrcs and it includes just about all the great new artists I've discovered on my own over the past year or so. They even have some that I thought no one else had heard of before, like Cocorosie, Elysian Fields, Hooverphonic, and Handsome Boy Modeling School. Ok, they dont have Ella Blame, Minus Story or Tweet yet, but if anyone from these groups read this site, and I know at least one does, I think you need to get your lyrics on AlwaysOnTheRun because that site is like the hangout for cool.

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