The erections are coming to Iraq

Heh. DubyaSpeak has a funny quote up where Bush confuses the upcoming 'election' in Iraq with an 'erection'. They even have audio of it.

But what bugs me most is not the, ahem, slip of the tongue on the erection, but the fact that he was trying to say "Who could have possibly envisioned an election in Iraq at this point in history?"

It's one of those empty phrases that are meant to inspire but really mean nothing, like how we're gonna whoop evil when in reality, evil is actually unwhoopable.

When you hear it you're supposed to think it would have been a thousand more years before these backward people could have organized an election but the fact is that if we hadn't invaded Iraq they would have had a regularly scheduled election last year because they elected members of the National Assembly every four years and aught-4 was one of those years.

So it's not really an extraordinary year, as Bush calls it, because elections are being held in Iraq. It's perhaps extraordinary that even under the thumb of a foreign occupational military and amidst extreme violence and unrest, Iraq is finally being able to hold their 2004 National Assembly elections, albeit a year late.

Of course it's not all bad news. Whoever is in charge of elections isn't forcing candidates to swear loyalty to the Baathist Revolution like they used to do in years past.

But it's less than two weeks from the election and the candidates still haven't released their names for fear of being killed. The only way people can really vote is to vote for a party and hope that party's candidate is a good person. Of course, about half of the parties have withdrawn their candidates and called the election illegitimate and even most pro-US Iraqi officials are saying that elections should be delayed or they will be illegitimate, so I guess it is all bad news after all.

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