Indian Coast Guard retreats under fire

This was our local front page story today and I loved it so much I just had to post it. It's interesting that the tribesman is using a longbow. It would be interesting to learn the history of the longbow with these people, if they have any form of recorded history.

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In this photo released by the Indian Coast Guard, a Sentinel tribal man aims with his bow and arrow at an Indian Coast Guard helicopter as it flies over their island for survey in Indias Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, Tuesday, Dec, 28, 2004.

Bow-and-arrow tribes live on, tsunami or not

PORT BLAIR, India -- Two days after a tsunami thrashed the island where his ancestors have lived for tens of thousands of years, a lone tribesman stood naked on the beach and looked up at a hovering coast guard helicopter.

He then took out his bow and shot an arrow toward the rescue chopper.

It was a signal the Sentinelese have sent out to the world for millennia: They want to be left alone. . .
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