Less than a week until the Iraqi election

and I'm becoming no more optimistic. I've no doubt Bush will make a big deal of the elections, like he did of the "handover of power" back on June 30th. His scribbling of "Let freedom reign" was released to the press faster than you could say "eh... don't you mean ring?" I'm sure we'll see a big bruhaha again as he pats the wogs on the back for "embracing freedom", or some other empty phrase.

The big election isn't quite as comforting to the Iraqis. As Juan Cole reports today...
... a member of the leadership of the Iraqi National Accord (Allawi's party) said Sunday that if other parties win, it will provoke a civil war.

Well, I guess they already have American-style democracy. This reminds me of Cheney saying that the US would be struck by terrorists if John Kerry were elected.
I'd say for an Iraqi it can be a bit disillusioning to see a former Baathist hit man and CIA stooge like Allawi promising security and prosperity if elected, and promising civil war if others win, but Riverbend, who says they are threatening to cut off the food supplies of people who don't vote, sums up the thoughts of many Iraqis today: "We've given up on democracy, security and even electricity. Just bring back the water."

I always thought that 'freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose' was just a dumb song lyric, but maybe it means more to an Iraqi who is threatened to stay home but starved into voting for unknown people and has to listen people like Bush pat himself on the back for spreading freedom and liberty.

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