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It was announced at a press conference today that presidant bush gave $10,000 of his own money as aid for the tsunami victims. Take that Sandra Bullock! You and your million dollar aid donation giving liberal ass has been one upped by the pocket change of an east coast elitist from a family full of triple millionairres.

At any rate, when asked who he gave the money to, his spokesman Scott McClellan said he gave to some of the charities on the list at usafreedomcorps.gov. Looking at the list I can guess which ones they are, they're the ones with Christian or Methodist in their name. No doubt the money was probably given with the stipulation that it would not be used in any gay liberal/socialist ways such as providing food and water, but should instead only be used to buy $10,000 worth of Bibles and abstinance education for the brown people.

On a totally unrelated note, bush also got a $10,000 donation for his inagural celebration a few days ago from a top democrat, not that these two totally different stories about bush and 10k dollars would be related in any way.

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