If you think the "military industrial complex" is a fanciful entity imagined by liberal America-haters, they really do exist and really are evil...

It seems that some defense contractors are demanding royalties up to $40 per model from the small companies that make model planes, tanks and the like.

These bohemoth companies will sell a squadron of real airplanes for $40 million apiece but still have time to try and squeeze a couple bucks out of kids' toys. C'mon, the money they milk out of these toys wouldn't buy a fart absorber for the flight seat of an F/A-18 Hornet.

Jokes on them though. Since these little model companies can't afford to fight the legal battle, some of them are just selling models of enemy equipment instead. So now we're going to have a generation of kids growing up dreaming of flying MiGs and driving Type 96 Chinese tanks into battle against the great imperialist satan.

Irony, she is a harsh mistress.

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