We're all gonna die!!

The headline reads Officials Warn of Future Terror Attacks but the story is a little less thrilling. In short, the intel folks who brought us the Iraq fiasco are saying that they can "reasonably predict attacks" are going to happen and the best course of action is for Congress to approve the president's military and anti-terror budget.

First off, everyone since 9-11 has reasonably been predicting the possibility of attacks. Secondly, is there any reason to think the military and anti-terror budget is going to be shot down? This sounds more like a plea to just pass the darn thing without even reading it. "Just trust us, we're in danger and if you stop to read this shit we're all dead."

Well I hate to break it to these people but most of them should have been fired after 9-11. Then after this whole Iraq deal went south they should have been rehired and fired again just for kicks. Now we have the president pushing hard for anti-terror legislation that will enforce a national ID and give the Department of Homeland Security the right to change laws as it sees fit and we're supposed to trust these jack-offs?

I'm not trusting them. Hell, they're lying through their teeth in the very next paragraph:
The Pentagon chief said the $419 billion defense package for 2006 sets an ambitious course to "continue prosecuting the war and to attack its ideological underpinnings."

Liar. Money for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan comes from "emergency funds" passed by congress and not from the $419 billion Pentagon budget. This is where the money for the $658 million US embassy we're going to build in Baghdad will come from not to mention the $400 million we're giving countries in the "Coalition of the Willing" for helping us.

And just what is this money going for anyway? In the article, DCI Porter Goss keeps saying the war in Iraq is a rallying cause for terrorists and they're gaining experience that will be used to form new transnational terror networks after the war.

So, let me get this straight, we're in danger and have to give Bush a blank check because, although none of the money will go to the war in Iraq, we have to keep fighting the war even though it's creating more terrorists and when it's over there's going to be even more danger because of it.

I just don't understand. It's not that I don't want us to fight terrorists, but I'd like to see some form of intelligent strategy instead of this administration's usual "just give us some money, can't tell ya why... oops we fucked that up, give us some more money, can't tell ya why"

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