Who the hell's in charge of this country?

Jeez, what a strange world we live in. If you haven't seen it, there's a "reporter" named Jeff Gannon who's been lobbing softball questions at Bush during press conferences.

Well, a bunch of bloggers got suspicious and started asking who he was. Turns out he was using a fake name and he's not really a reporter. He got his press pass by writing for a news site owned by the GOP called TalonNews (er, actually copying White House press releases and releasing it as news) and by firing off anti-liberal and anti-gay rants at his own home page (both have been scrubbed though some liberal blogs probably made back-ups if you want to google for them).

He was there under a fake name so it's pretty obvious he was given special access by someone in the White House. There's no way a reporter can waltz into press briefings with no credentials and using a fake name. Plus, all you have to do is read the transcripts. Bush stuttered and stammered with rambling incoherent answers to real questions, then when this guy asked something Bush would go on and on for several paragraphs without stopping, obviously spitting out memorized answers.

Now this is all pretty funny. The administration obviously got caught with their pants down trying to manipulate the news. But I really think the icing on the cake is the fact that the Bush administration's press ringer just so happens to be a gay prostitute.

Can someone please tell me what's going on in this administration? They're sneaking gay male hookers past security to get their message out?

Now that's comedy! Seriously, you couldn't write this stuff if you tried. As Karl Krauss said "It is next to impossible to write satire when a situation has become so grotesque that reality surpasses the flight of a satirist's imagination."

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