Able Danger, yes, Able Danger ... yet again

Boy, this story will just keep on ticking forever it seems. It isn't that the story has "legs", at least so far, it's just that the accusations come in a daily gushing amount of shouts while the information comes in weekly doses of quiet little dribbles.

Here's what Laura Rozen over at War and Piece has to say
Able Danger Update. Mark Zaid, the attorney for former Able Danger official LTC Anthony Shaffer, clarifies a couple points. He is now representing several former Able Danger officials and contractors. According to Zaid, none of these former Able Danger officials ever asserted that Able Danger had identified Mohamed Atta as physically being in the US; rather the project had allegedly identified Atta as being linked in some fashion (not necessarily a direct one) with the Brooklyn-based Blind Sheik. Hence the 'Brooklyn cell' as a term of art.
I don't know Rozen's source since she doesn't provide a link or anything but she's a journalist and I seem to recall her saying on her blog that she interviewed some of the Able Danger people. So, I assume she has talked to Zaid.

Looking back over what has been said publicly, Phillpot and Smith have only said that 'Atta was identified' but this totally kills Shaffer's credibility. He's been jumping up and down claiming that Atta et al were in the US.

I guess we'll see in another week! Until then, stay tuned.

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