I just started a Del.icio.us page.

The link is right over there somewhere ------->

For those unfamilar with Del.icio.us, it's basically a site where you can add bookmarks for everyone to see. You put a link on your toolbar and any time you find an interesting page you click the link and are taken to your Del.icio.us page where you add keywords and click "save". You're then taken back to the original page. Pretty cool. It only takes a few seconds.
(Actually the link is right over there at the moment) --------->

I won't blog everything I link on Del.icio.us and won't link everything I blog. I will be adding links to very informative pages on a variety of subjects, such as the Clausewitz page I pointed to yesterday, plus a few news articles that are either groundbreaking or packed full of information, such as the article on the London Tube shootings and the LA Times article on Plame that I blogged in my last post. But I won't be linking everything I find mildly musing or interesting. In other words, the emphasis will generally be on good content. That and fart jokes.

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