Somewhere along the line, I said the word "shitting" on this blog. You would be surprised how many hits I get from people doing image searches for the word "shitting". Yes, image searches.

I have traced this phenomenon to its source by following the trail back to the search engine. The source is this post I made in June '04 titled "Things I learned from Lord of the Rings, Return of the King" where I made a lot of observations about the movie such as:
Though entirely seperate species, there is no law governing the union of human and elf.

Though elves are the most advanced creatures in the history of the earth and their lives are the very epitome of gracefully refined elagance, elven men still come off a little gay.

Though reliable for transportation, horses tend to attract even more vicious animals which either like to stomp or eat them.

If your weakness centers around the fact that if your ring is thrown into the lava of Mount Doom and you are aware that your enemy is seeking to exploit this one and only weakness, it may be wise to put a lock on the door that accesses the lava.
Etc .. etc, it was a fun post.

What brings the people searching for shitting images is this line:
When a hobbit says "we are sitting on a field of victory" with his mouth full, the "s" in "sitting" sounds a lot like "sh".
under which I included a screen shot from the movie which I titled "shitting.jpg"

So there. If you've come here looking for shitting photos, all I have is this image to offer you

But here's something to keep you up at night. when I trace this back, I find that the link to my site is always pretty low in the search results. It's usually on the 15th-20th page. That means there are a lot of people out there who wade through 20 pages of shitting photos in order to find mine.

Ewww indeed.

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