I have gas!

The good kind, I assure you. But one downside to driving a Jeep is that they don't come with locking gas caps. I've intended to get one for two years now, but with gas well over $3 a gallon here and the stores selling out of gas, today seemed a pretty damn good time to finally get one.

I went to four parts stores and all were out of stock. When they checked the computer, all of their local chains were also out of stock. At one store, the guy behind the counter checked and said "Wow! We had six on order a few minutes ago, now we have 200 ordered!" Apparently the company is stocking up.

I thought I was going to have to sit in my Jeep all night with a shotgun and a jug of 'shine (this is Tennessee after all) but luckily, Wal-Mart had one locking gas cap left. That should show you how desperate I was, for Wal-Mart is a place I prefer not to tread except in an emergency. I only had to knock down one 90 year old woman to get it. Haha, just joking of course, she was 70.

In other news, Bush finally did something I agree 110% with. He has released some oil from the strategic reserve. This is not big news, it happens every year or two, but it is going to be desperately needed if, as reports say, we have lost 5 million barrels a day refining capacity.

The democrats are clamoring that he should release more from the reserves in order to flood the market and drive down prices, but that's fools talk. The strategic reserves are just that, reserves to be used strategically, not market tools to be used to keep the consumers happy. The reserves are important.

However it may be necessary at some point, maybe even now, to increase the reserve output. There are a lot of variables in place that I don't claim, or care, to understand, but one shouldn't open the floodgates of the reserves at the first minute.

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