Cool kid

Sandra Luchian, 15, from Moldova, borrowed a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from a friend and wrote down the story word for word. The book isn't available to buy in Moldova, and her family couldn't afford to get the book sent over from the UK.

That is just cool. Not the Harry Potter part, but the devotion to reading.

Another story says it would cost $48 US dollars to get the book if you live in Moldova.

I wonder... if it were possible, would be interested in making a donation to the library in Kishinew, Moldova in her name or something? We could donate directly to her, but the last thing a 15 year old girl from Moldova needs is anonymous people from the internet getting her contact information.

Not sure how possible it would even be, but if anyone is interested, email me at spindle at gmail.com and pledge some bucks. If we get at least, say ... $200 pledged, I'll go about contacting the BBC or finding more info on Kishinew, Moldova or something.

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