Katrina Imagery - 3

Some sort of aircraft museum in the New Orleans flood.

Possibly Alvin Callender Field which was supposed to have the following aircraft:

* Convair YF-102A Delta Dagger
* Lockheed P-3B Orion
* McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A Hornet
* McDonnell-Douglas F-15A Eagle
* McDonnell-Douglas F-4C Phantom II
* North American F-100D Super Sabre
* North American F-86D Sabre

The Orion is oviously not there, it's too large to miss, and I don't see a Hornet. I can make out the Delta Dagger, Eagle, Phantom, Sabre and Super Sabre. There also appears to be a Lockheed F-94 Starfire half submerged, a DC-3 across the street and a semi-large unknown prop plane, perhaps a C-47?

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