NOAA imagery interface re-tweak

UPDATE:Stupid me, I wrote the script with a hard link and changed it to a variable at the last minute without testing it. If you downloaded the script and it didn't work, all you have to do is edit one word in the install script. On Line four, you have to change "$main" to "$MAIN", just uppercase the sucker and away you go. I fixed it, uploaded it the zip file again, and updated the link below, so it's all good now.

After I screwed up and deleted four hours of tweaking the NOAA directory structure to make it more useable, I took the short route to "recovering" my work. Instead of writing another long script that could be downloaded to do it all automatically, I simply did all the HTML editing, relinking etc etc, zipped it up, and put it up for download.

This is just a skeleton. It contains the complete directory structure and HTML files pointing to the geographical regions of the imagery. The only thing missing is the 10 gigabytes of jpg images, you'll have to supply that on your own.

If you have the imagery and use UNIX, there is a BASH shell script included that will move all the images to their proper directories. If you're on windows, you're screwed.

Here's how it works. Imagine we want to find an image of a certain location in New Orleans. The NOAA site starts on the first page and goes to the New Orleans page right next to it, which, like all pages, points to a single directory where thousands of images are stored. You can click an image, but the map is so poor that you never really know if you're close or not. If you've downloaded all the images, you have to pick the New Orleans images from a directory of 8,000.

My tweak starts on a modified start page that looks like this (I had to zoom the image out to take the snapshot, so it looks funky):

Once you click on one of the box for New Orleans you are taken to an HTML page inside a /Louisiana/New_Orleans/ directory and all the images for New Orleans are right there in that directory. The New Orleans HTML page still points to them, but you don't have to worry about wading through thousands of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama images to zero in on New Orleans.

Basically, it just subdivides the images into their own geographical subsets.

Previously, I posted a simple tweak of the start page for the imagery that lists all the regions. In this new tweak, there is a directory for all 41 places on that list, so if you're looking for Dauphin Island, Alabama imagery, it's all together in it's own folder.


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