Tweaking NOAA's Katrina maps

NOAA's base map gets on my nerves when I want to find imagery of a certain area and don't know which box to click. Here's an amateurishly updated map I made.

This should go in the IMAGES directory and the text should be added to the bottom of the file called KATRINA0000.HTM (leave the <br>'s)

1 Garyville, Louisiana<br>
2 Kenner, Louisiana<br>
3 Mandeville, Louisiana<br>
4 New Orleans, Louisiana<br>
5 New Orleans, Louisiana<br>
6 Little Lake, Louisiana<br>
7 Grand Isle, Louisiana<br>
8 Slidell, Louisiana<br>
9 Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana<br>
10 St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana<br>
11 Southeast of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana<br>
12 Barataria Bay, Louisiana<br>
13 Grand Isle, Louisiana<br>
14 East Slidell, Louisiana<br>
15 Lake Borgne, Louisiana<br>
16 Lake Calebasse, Louisiana<br>
17 Augiste Bay, Louisiana<br>
18 Bastian Bay, Louisiana<br>
19 Kiln, Mississippi<br>
20 Bay St Louis, Mississippi<br>
21 West Karako Bay, Louisiana<br>
22 Breton Sound, Louisiana<br>
23 Grand Pass, Louisiana<br>
24 Southwest Pass, Louisiana<br>
25 Orange Grove, Mississippi<br>
26 Gulfport, Mississippi<br>
27 Main Pass, Louisiana<br>
28 Pass A Loutre, Louisiana<br>
29 North D'lberville, Mississippi<br>
30 Biloxi, Mississippi<br>
31 Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana<br>
32 Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana<br>
33 Pascagoula, Mississippi<br>
34 Middle Bay, Mississippi<br>
35 Mobile, Alabama<br>
36 Mobile, Alabama<br>
37 Dauphin Island, Alabama<br>
38 Northeast of Mobile, Alabama<br>
39 Fairhope, Alabama<br>
40 Gulf Highlands, Alabama<br>
41 Gulf Shores, Alabama<br>

I have other modifications to make using the imagery easier coming up

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