You may ask yourself...

why would the Bush administration set up a internet-based fundraising effort for the Iraq war? But then you probably hadn't yet heard that between one and two billion dollars of United States taxpayer money has vanished from the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

It would only take 10,000 Bush Pioneers to donate enough money to his web drive to pay it all back to the American taxpayer, so I assume that is his goal. Surely it must be something they're doing for the American public. It certainly wouldn't be anything they could benefit from. Could it?

But hey, it's all ok. Don't worry about that $200 billion blank check Karl Rove is getting to rebuold the Gulf Coast. Just because we have record deficits and pay for the war in Iraq by borrowing money from communist countries on a daily basis doesn't mean the fools in charge aren't wise when it comes to spending our money. What are you, anti-American?

Seriously, the world just stopped making sense a long time ago. I put this date at January 20, 2001.

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