After I made a post yesterday about the splog attack on Google, this site linked to me. I wasn't sure why, all I did was link to a splog post on another blog so I did a little checking and it turns out that "gada.be" (geek for "gotta be") is a really cool feed based metasearch service created by Chris Pirillo.

You just prepend what you want to find to the gada.be URL in the address bar. Example, go to the address bar and type villa.straylight.gada.be and hit enter. You get this (plus a lot that I cut off):

Of course, although the "Google blogs" category all pertains to this site, not all of the results are related, but this shows you how it works. Someone searching "splog" would type in splog.gada.be and in the Google Blogs section is my post from yesterday about the splog outbreak, as well as all the news on splogs from several different content providers in several different categories.

Pretty sweet.

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