Go me! It's my birthday!

Thanks to the people who wished me a Happy Birthday, and to the people who didn't know it was my birthday, you're forgiven just this once. And to the people who did know but who didn't wish me a Happy Birthday, if I sent Christmas cards, you'd be off my Christmas card list. So you just imagine that I normally send Christmas cards and when you don't get one this year, act all surprised. Ok? Thanks.

Birthdays are sorta strange aren't they? I used to read the Garfield comic strip as a kid and I remember Garfield once saying on his birthday that the great thing about them was that for one day the whole world revolves around you.

But I didn't do anything to deserve the attention except be born, and I didn't have much say in that. If there were any justice in the world, our mothers would get our birthday presents, parties and attention because they did all the work.

Ah yes, the big two eight. It's nice to get that subtle yearly reminder that Time is nipping at my heels and one day will catch up to me and swap my amazingly good looks (yeah right) for a beer belly, second chin, fat ass, and long bushy nose hair. So next year, if you want to know what to get me, get me those nose hair clippers that the young whippersnappers laugh at when they see them in magazines.

Here are just a few of the photos of people celebrating my birthday.



Washington DC

Garfield and Pooky giving me a "thumbs up"

Russia (The banner reads "Happy Birthday JM and the "10 Mar" on the banner means "October 21st" in Russian)

Victoria Canada




New York


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