I'm through with women

I've been friends with a certain girl for about a year. This girl is strikingly beautiful. She's not from America but has lived here in the states about 5 years and she has such an amazing exotic beauty and a sexy accent to boot. Just absolutely beautiful, a perfect 10. She's very sweet and kind as well.

She broke up with her boyfriend recently and we decided to go out as friends but it didn't take long for us to realize that there was more than friendship there. Long story short, we went out for the third time last night. We had a great time and we ended up at my place at the end of the night. I don't normally kiss and tell, but it's sort of integral to the story.

So, you know how after two people make love they often lay there talking for a long time? Right, so we're doing that, she's talking about her home land and how when she was 10 her parents moved to another country to work for a few years and left the kids in the care of their grandmother and aunts.

It was all pretty interesting, but it was like 4 in the morning and my eyes were starting to get heavy when...

"I lived with my grandmother and aunt until I was 14. That's when I killed my aunt and was sent to the mental hospital for a couple of years."

WIDE FUCKING AWAKE. This girl has an accent which can, at times, seem very heavy on certain words, so I wasn't sure what I just heard. "Um, pardon me? Did you just say you murdered your aunt?"

I'm not going to go into all the details, but she gave me the whole story. Her aunt was mean to her brother so she poisoned her food and killed her. A doctor had her put in a mental institute for a couple of years because they thought she was schizophrenic, something she didn't agree with. "The doctors in my country are more interested in getting paid than talking to someone to find out that they're not schizophrenic."

Well whatever. That's it, I'm through with women. I'm going to find a nice safe little hobby like building boats in bottles, collecting stamps, or making the world's biggest ball of twine and devote all my free time to that.

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