Cool story in Wired about people who have names that don't appear in Google searches.

Although I've been online since about '95, I'm one of these unGoogleables. This is why I post here under the initials "JM". Are they my initials, or am I a big fan of Jackson, Michael? You don't know do you?

It's never taken much effort, I've simply never posted to a newsgroup or email list or anywhere under my real name. I think my interest in cryptography helped fuel this attitude of anonymity, plus the exposure to Vernor Vinge's True Names early on in my internet days probably didn't hurt, and when I realized that my name didn't appear on Google a few years ago, I actively started trying to keep it out. It's never been out of paranoia, and certainly there are enough "cribs" around that my name could be found out with a little effort, but why give out personal information if you don't have to?

So, to the readers who actually know my name.. if you tell, I will hire a band of gypsies to curse you, and curse you good.

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