Some congresscritters grew balls today

Harry Reid shut down the senate and forced it into closed session in order to force the republicans to finally stop stonewalling the investigation into pre-war Iraq intelligence. It looked, for a time, like Bill Frist was going to wet his pants, start crying and call for his mommy, but he was able buck up and go on a whining spree like the rich little weenie that he is as control of the senate, his senate, slipped away like his dignity and credibility has over the past few years.

He actually said that he would be "unable to trust Senator Reid for the next year and half of this Congressional session." Um, well, we Americans here in "flyover country", us "red-staters", us good folk from Tennessee don't give a damn about your feelings Senator Frist. We want to know why you screwed up so badly in getting involved in Iraq.

We want to know because it's us and our friends and family who are putting lives on the line over there. We need to know because we all realize that you and your neocon ilk are frothing at the mouth to invade Syria and Iran and, frankly, we suspect that you're off your damn rocker. So quit the whiny bitching and do something good for the country for a change.

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