Spaced shootout

Here is a very funny 45MB clip from the hit BBC comedy Spaced Series 2 Episode 5. This clip is comedy genius.

Let me set it up because I edited out 20 minutes or so and since if you're from the US you've probably never seen the show...

The characters
Tim- the guy playing video games
Bryan- the tall guy talking about women
Mike- the guy in the Terratorial Army uniform
Daisy- the girl, Tim's flatmate

It starts out with Bryan entering and talking about women and Mike giving a demonstration of an unspoken telepathy shared by all men. Then Tim and Daisy go out for the night.

What I cut out is this: When Tim and Daisy go out, he has a bit of weed in his pocket and has Daisy carry it because she is less likely to be searched, but when they are mugged by college students, she inadvertantly gives them a baggie of oregano that she was saving for a stew she was cooking.

Then, in the video, the punks discover it's oregano and catch up to Tim and Daisy. How will they get out of this mess? Haha, you gotta watch it to find out.

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