So.. why don't I make many blog entries anymore?

Gosh, has it been two weeks since the last post (not counting the one a few minutes ago)? To be honest I don't have any good excuse for not posting. I'm not any busier than I normally am, I just haven't felt like it. To tell the truth I haven't been reading any websites, online news outlets, or even email that's not from friends or family. I'm just sort of bored with the internet. I still read the newspaper every day but even that is boring. I can read the headlines and deduce the rest of the story myself.

I've been on the internet every day the past two weeks, I'm just sort of uninterested in what's happening in the world. All the politics, wars, scandal and disease have been done before and there's no use pointing it out because it'll all be done over again next month. Two million years of human evolution and we can't come up with something new?

I've been thinking about killing this blog and still am. I actually had a lot more I wanted to say but now I don't feel like that either. I'll let ya know.

2.6 Gigabytes of free mp3s

can be found at the website of the South By Southwest music festival. I've listened up to the B's and, though much is not to my liking, there is some fairly good music in there. Enjoy

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