What's the question mark for?

Bush was caught writing a note to Condi Rice at the UN today. It reads "I think I MAY NEED A BATHROOM break?"

Seriously, no joke here.

Leaving the mix of capital and lower case letters alone, why the question mark? Many things about Bush remind me of Ron Burgundy, but this nails it.

It looks like it continues to say "Is this possib..." (it could either be possibly or possible)

Katrina Imagery - 5

Imagery of the area near the bridge collapse in Waveland Mississippi, which, as the article suggests, was practically wiped off the map.


Tweaking NOAA's Katrina maps

NOAA's base map gets on my nerves when I want to find imagery of a certain area and don't know which box to click. Here's an amateurishly updated map I made.

This should go in the IMAGES directory and the text should be added to the bottom of the file called KATRINA0000.HTM (leave the <br>'s)

1 Garyville, Louisiana<br>
2 Kenner, Louisiana<br>
3 Mandeville, Louisiana<br>
4 New Orleans, Louisiana<br>
5 New Orleans, Louisiana<br>
6 Little Lake, Louisiana<br>
7 Grand Isle, Louisiana<br>
8 Slidell, Louisiana<br>
9 Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana<br>
10 St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana<br>
11 Southeast of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana<br>
12 Barataria Bay, Louisiana<br>
13 Grand Isle, Louisiana<br>
14 East Slidell, Louisiana<br>
15 Lake Borgne, Louisiana<br>
16 Lake Calebasse, Louisiana<br>
17 Augiste Bay, Louisiana<br>
18 Bastian Bay, Louisiana<br>
19 Kiln, Mississippi<br>
20 Bay St Louis, Mississippi<br>
21 West Karako Bay, Louisiana<br>
22 Breton Sound, Louisiana<br>
23 Grand Pass, Louisiana<br>
24 Southwest Pass, Louisiana<br>
25 Orange Grove, Mississippi<br>
26 Gulfport, Mississippi<br>
27 Main Pass, Louisiana<br>
28 Pass A Loutre, Louisiana<br>
29 North D'lberville, Mississippi<br>
30 Biloxi, Mississippi<br>
31 Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana<br>
32 Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana<br>
33 Pascagoula, Mississippi<br>
34 Middle Bay, Mississippi<br>
35 Mobile, Alabama<br>
36 Mobile, Alabama<br>
37 Dauphin Island, Alabama<br>
38 Northeast of Mobile, Alabama<br>
39 Fairhope, Alabama<br>
40 Gulf Highlands, Alabama<br>
41 Gulf Shores, Alabama<br>

I have other modifications to make using the imagery easier coming up

Katrina Imagery - 4

Here are some various snapshots I have taken from Katrina imagery. I've neglected to note the location for many of them but here they are.

An amusement park somewhere along the Gulf Coast


What appears to be old ships sunken to make an artificial coral reef

Some sort of trucks, possibly ambulances, make their way through the water in new Orleans, not far from the superdome

Water cascades downhill in New Orleans

The Army Corps of Engineers believe this barge may have slammed into the levee during the hurricane, possibly causing the breach at Surekote Road.

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