Best quote on the Christmas "war"

From Wonkette:
In the War on Christmas, there were no winners because for all but the most retarded members of our society, there was nothing whatsoever at stake. In considering the vast history of Christianity and the dire trials its adherents faced in the past (and still do in far-flung places on the globe), it's a little hard to feel for people whose freely-practicable faith is rocked to its firmament because the shopgirl at Restoration Hardware doesn't break into a spontaneous chorus of "O Holy Night" at the completion of every tendered transaction.

Oh me oh my

Iraqi oil officials quoted by Dow Jones said yesterday that the deputy prime minister Ahmed Chalabi would take over the oil ministry, replacing Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, who has taken a month’s leave.

Mr Bahr al-Ulum is reported to be disgruntled with the current government and earlier this month threatened to resign over a rise in oil prices.
This is possibly good news and bad news. The good news is that Iraqis pay only a few cents per gallon of gas. That's bad because their entire economy is growing dependant on that cheap gas but it's impossible to allow it to continue.

I remember the military saying it was very important to get prices to a normal range over a year ago, so now maybe they're finally doing something about it. I'm not happy the Iraqis will pay more for gas, but US forces won't be able to leave until after prices go up to normal market range and in the long run it will help the Iraqi economy.

The bad news is that that crooked gobshite Ahmed Chalabi is going to be in charge of Iraqs oil. Kinda funny that this man convicted of fraud in Jordan who told a lot of lies to get America into this war and was once believed to be an Iranian double agent was touring DC and meeting with a lot of top administration officials just last week. I think he even had a nice long sit-down with Cheney, didn't he?

I've never said this war was about oil, but well.. where there's smoke there's fire..

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