We finally had some real snow this weekend, and I had the chance to try out the Jeep in the white stuff! It was pretty bad Saturday morning. This is a small hill climb near Windrock's "play area". The top is about 200 feet away and you can hardly see it for the snow and clouds (yeah, it's not fog, this is a mountain covered in clouds).

The day was sort of dissapointing though. The snow wasn't very deep, probably about 4 inches base but deeper in some places.

The real dissapointment is that the ole Jeep did extremely well in the snow, so well that there was no challenge. I did hill climbs that I usually slip in when it's wet without spinning for a second in the snow. It got sort of boring after a while. The tires didn't slip once driving normally. They only slipped once as I was trying to go around a fallen tree with about half an inch of clearance on the tree side and a quick trip to the bottom of the mountain on the other. That was a little scary, but the rest of the day was sorta ho-hum.

But not to worry, the snow started melting about noon and was almost completely gone in the valley later in the day. But mud and snow make a really disgusting mix, making the trails look like a sewer pipe had exploded, so I ended up calling it a day.

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