You may have heard that Bush had a sit down meeting with a ton of former government top brass yesterday in order to get their opinions and advice on Iraq.

There were cabinet members going all the way back to the Vietnam war and personally, I was quite thrilled that the president finally, after nearly three years, has begun to seek advice on his failed Iraq strategy.

I was quite a bit less thrilled as I read that he only spent one hour with the group. That's not nearly enough time to get any good advice from 13 of the top foreign policy shapers of the past 35 years. I mean, jeez, you get those people together for a weekend at Camp David or something, not an afternoon quickie.

Then, I was just plain sick to read that 40 of those minutes were spent by the president giving an upbeat presentation about how great things are going in Iraq to the assembled gurus of policy, followed by a 5-10 minute back-and-forth, Q & A, advice-giving session, and the meeting broke early to do a photo-op.

Early optimism aside, it appears Dumya still has his head firmly lodged up his ass. It's almost as if he actually wants us to fail.

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