I'll never understand Tennesse's weather



That's right, it was warm enough to drive with the top down yesterday and it's snowing today. (And yeah, it's time for an offroading post. It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand)

Ok, I was sort of on a mountain and there was only snow on the top, but it's snowing like hell right now in the valley so the comparison stands.

But it's not really a good snow. I want to see about 2 feet of snow but the only thing we can hope for these days is a dusting, and we only see that every few years.

When they forecasted wintery weather I hoofed it to Windrock to play in the snow and all I got was mud. And what a lot of mud it was too. Windrock is always muddy but I was slipping and sliding in places where I usually have no trouble when it's wet.

And those are mud tires! I was just idling down a gentle slope when I realized I wasn't idling at all, I was sliding! Of course, if it became a problem I could have just spun the tires to clean them off but today was the first time I've actually had my mud tires caked up and it was a little surprising to see it happening every few minutes.

I didn't have any problems though. I even surprised myself by making two hard hill climbs that I clawed, slipped and slid all the way up. I'd been up them before, I was up them last weekend in fact (that's why my Jeep is muddy in the first photo), but I dreaded them today. They weren't really any problem though. Thankfully I didn't have to get out and use the winch in the cold today.

I finally got a chance to test my new Old Man Emu springs. Sure, they flex all the time on the trail but I rarely stop on the trail, so it was nice to find a couple of places to "pose" and check out the springs' articulation. I'd felt that the Jeep was staying more level on the trail with these springs and I think I was right. The front springs are about 3/4 flexed in these photos (or at least 3/4 of the way I'm willing to go without extended brake lines) and, although you can't tell it, the Jeep was perfectly level. The inclinometer read 0 degrees.

Compare that to these photos of my jeep posing last year with the suspension under even less articulation.

You can tell the whole Jeep is tilted to the left with the old springs. Now I see why Old Man Emu suspensions are so highly rated. And now you see why people pose their Jeeps for photos. It's for science!


The insidious republican conspiracy to infiltrate old minds

My grandmother has been sick recently and spent two weeks in the hospital. Since she was laying around in bed for a couple of weeks they didn't want to let her go straight home. She's lived alone since my grandfather died the year I was born so, they put her in a nursing home to do therapy for a week before she goes home.

She isn't the type of person you'd find in a nursing home. She's 80 or so but she acts like a 20 year old but to combat boredom she even plays bingo and other games with everyone else. That's totally not her type of game, but whe there's nothing else to do, I suppose bingo starts to look pretty cool.

Today she played a goofy game with pennies. I didn't really get the details of the game, but the gist of it was that everyone was given 15 pennies and they went around asking questions and if they got them wrong they lost some amount of pennies and whoever had the most left at the end won, and got to keep the pennies as well.

She was doing pretty well until the nurse asked the last question. The question was "Have you ever voted for a democrat?"

My grandmother's answer was "yes" and the nurse said that was wrong and took her pennies away.

Now what kind of sense does that make?

We both had a laugh about it and joked that the pennies were probably furnished by the republican party in order to influence the old vote.

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